Summer Job Trends

Summer is upon us and for many businesses, it’s prime time for hiring.  A recently published report discussed how the summer months in Q3 were set to outperform the spring months for hiring in various industries.  According to the report, “In the third quarter of 2017, 24 percent of U.S. employers anticipate an increase in […]

Getting the Most out of LinkedIn

Last year, we highlighted the recent purchase of LinkedIn by Microsoft and discussed how the changes would potentially change the professional online network.  Many changes have taken place since that announcement.  Today, we’re discussing those changes and more so that you are “in the know” about how all these changes affect your career. Overall Changes […]

Getting More Out of Your Career In 2017 – Part 3

At the beginning of the year, we began posting some helpful articles called “Getting More Out of Your Career in 2017” which is a three-part series. These articles are a complete guide to all Job Seekers and are a must-read if you’re trying to make an impact when searching for a job.  This month marks […]

Getting More Out of Your Career In 2017 – Part 2

Last month, we posted “Getting More Out of Your Career in 2017, Part 1” which includes helpful tips for Job Seekers on how to get the most of their job search.  This month we’re continuing on with those helpful tips, highlighting previous articles on invaluable advice to ensure job seekers career success. What to do […]

Getting More Out of Your Career In 2017 – Part 1

Over the last few years we’ve created numerous articles to help Job Seekers search for a great job and even better career.  As we start the new year with aspirations to make this year the best, we wanted to highlight some of the best articles to help you gain the competitive edge for your job search. […]

Job Seeker Tips for Following Up

Hiring authorities view strong follow-up as an indicator of the level of interest of the job seeker.  Following up is mandatory, not optional. Employers like to hire individuals who are confident about their ability to do the job and are also sincerely interested in working for them. If it comes down to a difficult decision […]

A Job Offer is More Than a Salary & a Start Date

Congratulations on your job offer.   The job offer is your reward for a job well done during your interviewing process!  But before you except your offer, it is extremely important to realize that an offer IS more than just a salary and a start date. When you accept an offer, you need to completely understand the […]

Job Seeker: What to Do When Money is Tight

Any job search takes time. Even if you are able to conduct your search full-time, it can take on average up to three months. If you are working full-time and not able to focus on your search, it can take longer. If you are not getting the results you want, you need to change the […]

3 Ts for Interviewing Top Talent 

Within the last couple of months, I received some random inquires asking; “How long should an interview take?” Many of these inquiries are from those who have reached out for a free consultation so after hearing that question more than a couple of times, I decided to post about it. Hopefully, employers and job seekers will […]

Cover Letters that Work

There are plenty of blog posts and tips on creating cover letters, but have you found one that actually worked? From our experience, job seekers could spend more time on this.  Trust us, we’ve been at this recruiting business for decades and review numerous cover letters daily. It’s way more than fluff that will get […]