Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions For Employers 

Get all the basic facts about Corporate Resources of Illinois professional staffing services. No other company knows more about recruiting in Schaumburg and the surrounding area than Corporate Resources of Illinois.

1. What are the benefits for client companies to use Corporate Resources of Illinois?

Limitless, honesty, integrity and results are guaranteed.  We work with and isolate the “best of the best” and save you time and effort with interviewing those that aren’t the right fit.  We are the ultimate matchmakers – just ask any of our clients, or read through our list of employer testimonials.  The ultimate test of our work can only come when we earn it; give us a call and we will prove it.  Call us today – 1-847-619-1600 –  for a no hassle consultation.  Our recruiting/interviewing and referencing techniques take years to master, we have the years of experience to provide stellar results.

2. Why do companies use staffing firms/agencies?

Various reasons, most typically to weed out those that are not qualified, surprisingly 80% or greater of ad responders are not qualified for the job they answer, this is an enormous task for any HR department to take on.  Agencies also are in the market 365 days of the year, hunting, networking for excellent applicants, some of these applicants are not on the job boards and use us exclusively, thus the companies that call us can see the talent that isn’t answering the ads.  They may be a more passive job seeker, not desperate to find a job, but trusting the agency will call them when the right opportunity comes along.

3. Do companies that use Recruiters advertise as well?

Each company is different, some companies completely entrust the recruitment of employees to our agency, and some clients utilize multiple resources.  Corporate Resources works on many openings exclusively, without competition, without ads.  Clients that use us exclusively typically have worked with our firm for years, and they have built a very trusted, valued partnership with their assigned Consultant.  We also work with companies as an extension of their own recruiting efforts.  We save the clients’ time by providing them with talent typically not on the job boards as 80% of the applicants we work with are referred to us.  Tests and references are completed prior to interviews, saving the client hours of interviewing those not able to perform the tasks necessary for the specific job.  Applicants save time not chasing jobs that are not in line with career goals and salary expectations.

4. What makes Corporate Resources of Illinois different from the rest?

We have some of the most dedicated Consultants on our staff that genuinely do this job with the utmost of integrity.  Read our testimonials from both clients and applicants.  Our proprietary “Bradshaw” referencing mixed with our ability to capture talent, not on the job boards giving businesses applicants that justify fees.  Earning any client or applicants respect is hard to do with words, the proof is in our results.  Call us 1-847-619-1600, you have nothing to lose, we have our reputation of excellence on the line and we aren’t going to do anything to disturb its integrity.   Our Consultants know the market and know where to find the talent.

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Corporate Resources of Illinois offers a free consultation to employers who want to learn more about our professional staffing services. Contact us via the web form or via phone at 847-619-1600. We’ll answer all your questions and provide incredible insight.

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