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Getting More Out of Your Career In 2017 – Part 2

Getting More Out of Your Career In 2017 – Part 2

Last month, we posted “Getting More Out of Your Career in 2017, Part 1” which includes helpful tips for Job Seekers on how to get the most of their job search.  This month we’re continuing on with those helpful tips, highlighting previous articles on invaluable advice to ensure job seekers career success.

What to do when Money is Tight? – Every job seeker from time to time, struggles with money problems when job hunting or even when they have a job. As an employment agency, we understand how challenging this time can be.  Take a moment to review our suggestions and be confident with your financial situation when you’re searching for your next job. Read more.


Secrets to help you ace a job interview, Part 1 – This particular post had so much great information, we had to break it into two parts. That said, learn more about taking a proactive approach during your job search by researching companies, opportunities, the person conducting the interview and more.  The better prepared you are the better your chances are for success. Read more.  


Secrets to help you ace a job interview, Part 2 – Part two of this informative topic, is even more helpful.  In this article, the job seeker can learn all the appropriate actions they should take and also advice on making the best, first impression.  Many of these suggestions are things job seekers already know, but can easily forget.  Read more.


Networking is Key – We’ve discussed how essential networking can be. But nowadays with social media, job seekers often forget how attending industry events and activities is equally essential.  If you’re finding job search efforts are coming up fruitless, then you may need to broaden your reach. Read more.


Social Networking Can Enhance Your Job Search – There are many do’s and don’ts in social media—and it’s sad to report that many job seekers don’t adhere to even the basic recommendations. It’s essential for job seekers to be professional when posting information online, because as many know by now, employers do their research. Read more.


Cover Letters that Work – How many times have you sat down to write a cover letter, and you’re unsure what to write? Not to worry.  Like many employers and agencies, we review countless cover letters and know the precise formula to help job seekers write cover letters that work.  Read more.


Overcome Objections – Objections happen often in the interview process. When an employer questions something about your experience, it’s to help them discover details about your expertise.  Don’t stress about the inevitable.  Learn how to handle an objection and respond in a way that makes you shine.  Read more.


It’s our experience that when a job seeker is prepared, using many of these recommendations here, they are rewarded.  Stay tuned for round three of our job seeker tips/advice in the final post about Getting More Out of Your Career In 2017 -Part 3.

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