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Frequently Asked Questions For Job Seekers

Finding a job is a full-time job can be challenging in any economy, but with the right attitude, job qualifications and our help, we can match quality candidates with great opportunities. Below are some answers to common questions by our job seekers.
Arriving 10 minutes before your interview is enough to have them realize you are respectful and timely.
Come dressed in appropriate interviewing attire. One resume is sufficient for our interview, once going to our client I would always be over-prepared as we don’t ever know for sure how many people you may be introduced to.
Difficult to access as it depends on the level of experience and skills.  Length of time in office also depends on whether or not testing is required.  Interviews can last 30 minutes, and at most 2 hours.
Depends on what type of job you are seeking, most applicants have some testing that would be required.
Limitless, you know much more going through our agency to prepare you better for the interview. We will typically know why the position is available, an approximate salary range, office culture, growth possibilities etc. The longer we have worked with our client companies the more information we will have to aid you in your decision making.
Yes, all Recruiters have experience with resumes and will help you pair it down, or arrange in such a way that we get the best results possible.
List Managers, Supervisors, people who you worked for and can speak to your work habits. The more recent these Managers are the better. Co-workers are not good reference material and quite often are not accepted by clients.
We can’t possibly promise a deadline, but we can promise we will do everything humanly possible to secure a position for you. We certainly have had times that someone comes to interview with us and in the same day we send them right over to our client and have them hired in the same day. We’d like to guarantee that will always happen, but clearly that would be impossible to achieve.
We certainly have a great track record of putting a temporary in a position that was only going to be “temp” and then the company sees what a good employee they are and they make room for them. It is a story we tell daily and encourage anyone that is unemployed to look at temporary opportunities as a possible pipeline to your next permanent position.
An agency interview is not the time to slack off your proper dress attire, we need to see how you will present yourself to our clients, dress professionally.
Various reasons, most typically to weed out those that are not qualified, surprisingly 80% or greater of ad responders are not qualified for the job they answer, this is an enormous task for any HR department to take on. Agencies also are in the market 365 days of the year, hunting, networking for excellent applicants, some of these applicants are not on the job boards and use us exclusively, thus the companies that call us can see the talent that isn’t answering the ads. They may be a more passive job seeker, not desperate to find a job, but trusting the agency will call them when the right opportunity comes along.
Each company is different, some companies completely entrust the recruitment of employees to our agency, and some clients utilize multiple resources. Bottom line; clients want the best applicant available and Corporate Resources can work solo on our client openings or in more of a partnership with their own recruiting efforts. Whichever method we save companies time in weeding through resumes and interviewing applicants not qualified and we save applicants time in ensuring interviews they go on are in line with career goals and salary expectations.
Let’s try a brief explanation; employers want the truth, without sometimes the detail. Say for instance you want to leave your current job because your boss yells and bullies you and other employees. You probably think I certainly can’t say that……in fact, most employers would understand that reason. You may want to explain a little, give an example of this and how it affects you. Lying or trying to come up with an “untruth” is never acceptable. Be honest but make sure you filter your responses. A new employer doesn’t need an enormous amount of detail, just get them in the ballpark.

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