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Summer Job Trends

Summer Job Trends

Summer is upon us and for many businesses, it’s prime time for hiring.  A recently published report discussed how the summer months in Q3 were set to outperform the spring months for hiring in various industries.  According to the report, “In the third quarter of 2017, 24 percent of U.S. employers anticipate an increase in payrolls. Payroll growth is expected in all 13 national industry sectors” to include, “Leisure & Hospitality (+25%), Transportation & Utilities (+22%), Wholesale & Retail Trade (+21%), Mining (+18%), Professional & Business Services (+18%), Durable Goods Manufacturing (+17%), Financial Activities (+15%), Construction (+14%), Education & Health Services (+14%), Government (+13%), Information (+13%), Nondurable Goods Manufacturing (+12%) and Other Services (+11%).”

If you’re job seeker and work in these industries, this summer might be the perfect time for you to score your dream job.  These are some of the job categories trending with this expected hiring increase.

Education:  School may be out, but according to a recent article, teachers are still in demand for the summer.  Why?  Namely, because there is an increase of students needing quality teachers for various areas of education including, elementary, high school, special education, and tutoring.  If you’re in the industry, get the facts from your school districts or online education communities to see what additional opportunities are available.

Social/Recreational Services & Childcare:  While school is out, there will always be a need for child caregivers and or camp counselors, lifeguards and so forth.  Social/Recreational Services has increased by 15+% in demand for this summer and Childcare needs are up by 12%.

Administrative & Sales:  Admin and sales positions are up by 5+ percent which is great news for those specializing in these core opportunities.  Our business specializing in hiring for companies who have administrative and sales needs.  For more information on the typical jobs we hire for, visit here.

Hospitality:  According to the article, “Hospitality has the highest concentration of summer jobs thanks to summer resorts opening for business.”  If you’re still looking for the right summer job, consider applying to a local resort and take advantage of this growth opportunity.

Other:  Management jobs, Protective, Food and Medical Nurse positions are up in select areas from 2 to nearly 4 percent.

The Q3 report also breaks down the job growth by metropolitan areas throughout the United States.  The Chicago area is listed as number fifteen on the Metropolitan Statistical Areas and the Net Employment Outlook is expected to increase by 19% for Q3 2017.  That’s great news for job seekers and the economy.  If you’re a job seeker, take advantage of the summer and find the right opportunity for you.

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Summer Job Trends

Summer is upon us and for many businesses, it’s prime time for hiring.  A recently published report discussed how the summer months in Q3 were

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