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Getting More Out of Your Career In 2017 – Part 3

Getting More Out of Your Career In 2017 – Part 3

At the beginning of the year, we began posting some helpful articles called “Getting More Out of Your Career in 2017” which is a three-part series. These articles are a complete guide to all Job Seekers and are a must-read if you’re trying to make an impact when searching for a job.  This month marks our final segment in the series and includes invaluable advice about some of the most important topics that Job Seekers often overlook. Take a look.

Job Seeker Tips for Following Up:  Many job seekers think they understand how to follow-up, but can easily forget even the basics.  Our helpful post discusses the follow-up process that will help you stand out in an already crowded process. Read more.

Workforce/Workplace Trends:  Staying abreast of hiring trends might seem too much, but in truth, it’s essential if you want to gain the competitive edge.  Whether it’s a hot job report, a salary trend or even changes to benefits, knowing these trends will arm a job seeker with vital information for finding and negotiating your next job.  Take a look at these previous articles and get updated on some of the latest trends. Read more here and here

A Job Offer is More Than a Salary & a Start Date:  Have you ever been so excited when you receive a job offer, that you forgot to check all the details?  Don’t worry.  It happens to every job seeker at some point.  This article, however, will help you prepare for that special moment and get all the particulars ironed out to your satisfaction.  Read more. 

There is No Job Security:  For decades people have talked about job security and how vital it is to obtain that type of a safety net in your career. As we’ve moved into more modern times though, we understand that such talk of a security does not exist.  Learn more about how you can prepare against such a false sensation and start staying relevant in your own career. Read more. 

The Importance of Positive Self-Talk – Part 1:  Self-Talk is a powerful thing.  It can have both positive and negative effect, depending how you treat yourself.  Positive self-talk though creates self-image which controls real performance.  In this post, we’ve featured some actionable tasks to help you analyze how you perceive yourself.  Get valuable tips on improving your self-worth and more. Read more.

The Importance of Positive Self-Talk – Part 2:  Most people are familiar with self-help books like The Secret.  These books along with hordes of other discuss the importance of taking negativity out of your daily thoughts and replacing them with positive affirmations.  Learn some valuable tips on how to assess and revise your daily thoughts to benefit your career and life.  Read more.  

How to Effectively Work with a Recruiter – Part 1:  With a plethora of employment agencies out there, there are pros and cons with working with one.  This post highlights some of the services a reputable firm can do for a job seeker.  Additionally, there are different types of agencies.  Before moving forward with any recruiter, make sure you understand what services they offer and what type of firm would be best for you.  Read more. 

How to Effectively Work with a Recruiter – Part 2:  This post continues with tips on what recruiters want to see.  Some may be obvious, but even the smallest of details that can be easily forgotten. These are recommendations we have about communicating with recruiters and getting the most out of their services.  Read more.

There is such an advantage to learning how to master certain aspects of job searching.  Getting the confidence you need is a big part of it.  If you missed our first two parts of this series, visit here and here.  If you’re ready to get started with the right career path for you, contact us today.

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