Your Job Search Starts Now: Planning

Most individuals spend more time planning their vacations than planning their job search. Think for a minute about all the planning you do prior to a vacation. You research various destinations; informed decisions are reached; cost is negotiated; time is set aside; appropriate attire is purchased; dates are set and reservations are confirmed. If a […]

How to Set Your Career Goals

Did you know that the best person to manage your career is YOU?  Most people know this, but very few put those words into action.  This post will help you understand how you can drive your ultimate success just by setting the right career goals. Once a person has committed to making a job change, […]

The Importance of Positive Self-Talk – Part 2

Last month, we discussed The Importance of Positive Self-Talk and how vital it is with your job search. This month we’re continuing on the self-talk topic, providing excellent insight and great tips to keep your positivity beaming. When your performance or life in general does not live up to your expectations, instead of criticizing yourself […]

The Importance of Positive Self-Talk

Did you know that self-talk creates your self-image which in return can control your real performance?  We’ve been placing some of the best candidates for top companies and know precisely how important positive thinking and talking can impact a career.  If you’re wondering why you haven’t got that certain job or even promotion, you have […]

How to Effectively Work with a Recruiter – Part 2

Last month, we posted an article on How to Effectively Work with a Recruiter – Part 1.  In this two-part series, we discussed the benefits of working with a recruiter and the types of firms there are.  Today, we’re providing job seekers with the several tips on how to how to successfully work with a […]

Contacting the Right Person

One of the greatest mistakes job seekers make is to send their resume to individuals or companies who receive hundreds of resumes every week.  These methods put you against the largest numbers of competitors wanting the same job.  And often you will not even hear back from these companies because, quite frankly, they don’t have […]

Job Seeker Tips to Overcome Objections

Often job seekers forget that the interview process is much like the sales process where a job seeker is their own product, and the employers are the buyers. There are many parts in your interview (sales) process that can help job seekers land a job such as you’re job opportunities’ pipeline, your pitch, and overcoming […]

Land a Job in the First Interview?

Can you land a job in the first interview? Is it possible?  Yes, but before a job seeker lands their ideal job, they need to consider several aspects during the hiring process. Before you begin, put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes. Re-read the job description and then carefully take into account the following considerations: […]

5 Myths about Recruiting & Staffing Agencies

Since our business spans over twenty years of recruiting quality candidates for employers, we’ve heard all sorts of misconceptions about employment/staffing agencies and recruiting. What’s fascinating is how these myths keep evolving. In the early stages of the industry, there were many assumptions around the staffing industry. Now, within the last ten years, we’ve noted […]

US Veteran Candidates: Where to Find Them!

Some of the most talented candidates in the market today are veterans.  These band of professionals understand the fundamentals of teamwork, discipline, and accountability.  Many of these traits and more when applied to a civilian world create exemplary employees.  In fact, there are numerous employers looking to connect with veterans and vice versa.  But where […]