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Unique Ways to Attract Great Candidates

Unique Ways to Attract Great Candidates

In the past, we’ve featured quite a few articles about how to attract the right talent. Some of the simplest ways to attract talent include traditional ideas such as increased compensation, improved benefits and referrals.   These are all great and important, but in truth, employers should be thinking outside of the box to source great talent.  We’ve highlighted some unique ideas for employers to attract and retain some of the best.

Brand Image:  We’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth repeating.  We live in a digital age now and perceptions matters more than ever!  How many reviews does your business have online?  If you’re customers are happy, great, but what about your employees?  Websites like Google, Yelp, Glassdoor, LinkedIn etc…matter more than ever when trying to attract top talent.  If your business doesn’t have testimonials/reviews, it’s time to start asking for them.  But its more than just writing reviews.  It’s about your brand and your mission statement.  If you don’t have a story, begin writing one and have your employees add to it.  According to a recent article, entrepreneurs that have a “Noble Cause” are more likely to be a success.  Read more about that article here.  What’s even more apparent than their business was their purpose and their brand story/image they built around it.  Whatever your company’s brand story is, be active in emphasizing it so that future candidates will be attracted to your business.

Rebranding Your Image:  If you’re business has been established for some time and you realize it hasn’t been thriving in the digital age, then that could be your problem with recruiting.  Top candidates don’t want stale companies.  They expect and innovative company and impressive corporate culture.  They want to work for a company that will make a difference.  In recent years, a few large companies evaluated their brand and decided to improve it.  In a recent article, one great iconic brand, Ford, went through a brand transformation.  Interestingly, this business spans decades from the industrial age to the highly technical one we live today.  Their story required an intelligent one to catapult them from a company of the past to a smart, innovative one of the future.  The article also discusses about how GE also did a fantastic job rebranding their business by “Telling a New Story.”  It states that “Over the last year, GE has spent at least $2.5 million, according to Forbes, on gently humorous ad campaigns focused on earnest young millennials such as “Owen,” who tells his skeptical friends and family that his new engineering job with GE will “change the world.”

Have an Active Passive Candidate Strategy:  We’ve talked about the importance of having ongoing dialogue with passive candidates, but how much are passive candidates apart of your current strategy.  Many employers are inundated with their current hiring demands and forget about this vital group.  Make a plan to communicate with those with either a newsletter or attending networking events.  Doing so will make a true difference in readily finding candidates for those hard-to-fill positions.

Speaking & Attending Events:  Those employers who regularly attend and speak at industry events, already know how essential this strategy can be to their HR efforts.  Check out this recent article from Chicago Business on how some key executives attract some of their best talent.  One key strategy mentioned is about being a “super connector.”  Networking must be an ongoing effort to connect with those who can impact your recruiting initiatives.  Think of how many contacts you can potentially meet during these meetings.  Attending and speaking at certain industry events can help increase your talent pool and much more too.

Finding the right mix of recruiting strategies to source exceptional talent is truly challenging and we suspect will continue to be so in the future.  Our best advice, besides what we’ve mentioned above and previously, is to always be recruiting in everything you do.  And if for some reason, your strategy is hitting a wall, get help and or support from a reputable recruiting firm.  If you’re looking for assistance in implementing some unique recruiting strategies, contact us for a free consultation.

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