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5 Vital LinkedIn Tips for 2014

5 Vital LinkedIn Tips for 2014

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Like most people in business, we try to keep up with the ongoing changes happening in social media and specifically LinkedIn.   This vast social network is changing so quickly, it’s challenging for most professionals to stay current with its latest or most important features.  In order to help our friends and followers, we decided to put together a list of five (5) important features (with links) to help you manage and succeed with networking within LinkedIn.


Profile changes:  Did you know when you make edits to your profile you can stop your updates so that your connections don’t have to review your ongoing edits?  And when you’re done, you can edit those settings so your connections and others can review your updated profile.  Here’s how it works:

First log into your account.
Click: Settings (Under your name on top right of page)
Click: Turn on/off your activity broadcasts (under Privacy, center of page)
Click to uncheck box: Let people know when you change your profile, make recommendations, or follow companies
Click: Save

For more information on how it works visit job search section in section written be Alison Doyle. 

Endorsements:  Ever wonder how important the endorsements are?  The reality is when someone scans your page, they will most likely read your profile and now take a closer look at your endorsements.  Make sure you edit these appropriately.  Are your endorsements in line with your experience?  Take the time to edit, and if you need more, ask your connections to endorse the skills that fit you best.    Here’s some great tips on managing your endorsements via Social Media Examiner. 

Platform building:  If you’re an employer or potential candidate looking for a job, LinkedIn has an interesting program they revealed recently.  Apply to LinkedIn and your content can be featured online, potentially broadening your career and business.  See details from LinkedIn here. 

Blocking a member:  One of the ongoing complaints about LinkedIn was the member stalking.  Business stalking?  Yes, it happens and now LinkedIn has a system to give you some control if that does become the case.  Tech Crunch wrote an interesting piece on how it works here.   

LinkedIn Help:  Did you know LinkedIn has a section of webinars to help people navigate the space?  Yes!   And can you believe they are actually helpful?  Yes again.  For more information visit help via LinkedIn.

Those are great, huh?  Stay tuned as we try to keep you up-to-date with LinkedIn.  Do you have any tricks or tips you find essential on LinkedIn?  Comment or sent us an email on what works for you.

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