Top Companies for Veterans

Ever wonder who the best companies are for veterans and why?  In May 2017, the Military Times published the top companies for veterans, featuring over eighty companies that met their extensive criteria.  According to the published report, “We invited companies across the U.S. to take part in our rigorous, more-than-90-question survey.” Featured below are the […]

Compensation Trends & Statistics

Last month, we featured some of the latest findings from a 2017 published report on HR Statistics and Recruiting Trends.  This particular segment in the report included key information on Millennials, Women, CEO advice and more, helping employers and hiring managers understand the hot topics trending in the recruiting world.  Additionally, we added some of […]

What Recruiters Think About Recruiting Today

A recently published report surveyed over 400 human resource and business professionals in the first quarter of this year to determine what are the hottest issues they’re experiencing today when recruiting or hiring.  Highlighted below are some of their key findings and our recommendations on how to improve your recruiting practices when you have the […]

Interview Hacks & Tips for Employers

Hiring objectives today seem to be nothing but constant challenges for human resources departments.  It can often be overwhelming too, especially when upper management has higher expectations with every full-time position they bring onboard.  At Corporate Resources of Illinois, we’ve spent over two decades sourcing some of the best talent in the Chicagoland area.  We understand […]

Employer Hiring & Recruiting Statistics 2017

Keeping up with all the hiring trends in this revived and somewhat still volatile economy is incredibly essential.  There are loads of factors that impact hiring besides the economy to include, the different generations of candidates and emerging technology.  The list goes on we assure you.  Staying informed on the various trends is something companies […]

Hiring During a Gig Economy

With the job market changing, many employees are moving toward freelance opportunities or better yet the gig economy.  Companies are planning to change the way they hire to accommodate that shift and to find the right candidates.  According to a recent report on Trends that will Shape the Next Decade, “more than 80 percent of large […]

The Perks that Matter Today

In the past most candidates cared only about their salary when negotiating their compensation package.  The more money they received for a job offer, the better.  Within the last decade other benefits have moved to the forefront of a compensation package such as medical, vacation and other perks.  We’ve discussed many of those demands in […]

Diverse Recruiting

How diverse is your company in this current business climate?  Gone are the days when a business could get away with just talking about diversity.  Now it’s about action and results.  As times continue to change, the need for a more diverse workforce will increase.  Even the U.S. Census Bureau reported that “Asian, Hispanic and […]

Unique Ways to Attract Great Candidates

In the past, we’ve featured quite a few articles about how to attract the right talent. Some of the simplest ways to attract talent include traditional ideas such as increased compensation, improved benefits and referrals.   These are all great and important, but in truth, employers should be thinking outside of the box to source great talent.  We’ve highlighted […]

Why Finding Talent Is Getting Tougher

Last year, a study released in June 2016, revealed some trends in human resources, providing an overview of what many companies are experiencing.  According to the report, there is an increase of “Human Resource Professionals reporting difficulty recruiting for full-time regular positions in the last 12 months.”  With much discussion on skills gap, the Baby […]