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The Importance of Positive Self-Talk

The Importance of Positive Self-Talk

believeyoucanDid you know that self-talk creates your self-image which in return can control your real performance?  We’ve been placing some of the best candidates for top companies and know precisely how important positive thinking and talking can impact a career.  If you’re wondering why you haven’t got that certain job or even promotion, you have to take a closer look at the one thing that might be holding your back:  you!

We all possess a self-esteem cycle, and it is 100% controlled by how we talk to ourselves. Self-talk is the constant conversation that you have with yourself about what consciously and subconsciously happens to you. You constantly judge and interpret your own experience by talking to yourself in either a positive or negative manner.

Let’s relate this to your job search. If your job search is not going the way you had planned, or how you had anticipated, you should not use self-talk statements like the following examples:

– How could I be so stupid?

– There I go again.

– I know I’m not going to get an interview.

– Why do I always …

– It happens every time.

– I just can’t seem to do anything right.

– I wonder if I’m taking on more than I can do?

– This is going to be one of those days.

– What is wrong with me?

– If only I would have …

Do some of these sound familiar? When was the last time you evaluated how you talk to yourself?  Well, we have a special exercise that can help you evaluate your thoughts.

List the negative self-talk statements that you find yourself saying right now as you are in the process of your job search.

Are you surprised at your results?  Did discover any harmful or negative comments?  Are you ready to repair your negative thinking and turn those statements into positive ones?  If you’re committed to think and act better, you now have an assignment to complete. For the next 21 days, deliberately control your self-talk and do NOT allow any negative thoughts or cynical statements, no snide remarks, no sarcasm and no cut-downs, not even in jest.  Remember, your subconscious cannot differentiate between the truth and a joke. It accepts literally what you say to yourself or accept from experts. If you slip, and put yourself or somebody down, silently affirm:

“That is not like me … I always find ways to put a positive light on what happens to me as well as others”

Your daily self-talk and visualizations are really nothing more than habits that we have acquired over the years. Unfortunately, they have a definite way of controlling our self-esteem and lives! Controlling your self-talk and your imagination is absolutely necessary in building sound self-esteem. After you have consciously controlled your self-talk for the first 24 hours ask yourself these questions:

Isn’t it enlightening to become aware of how negative your self-talk has become?

Isn’t it amazing how negative the world can be?

List areas where you noticed negative self-talk?

You need to consider the conversation you had, the conversations you heard, the statements you say out loud to yourself, the TV, the new papers and your own subconscious put-downs to yourself.

Did you notice yourself or others actually predicting their day with their self-talk?

Consider statements like:

– “I was up late last night. I bet I won’t have any energy today.”

– “The market is down. I know no one will want me to call them today.”

– “Hiring authorities never listen anyway, why bring it up?”

– “It’s going to be one of those days.”

Take the next month to positively control where your inner most thoughts are headed.  Next month, we’ll continue on with our Self-Talks segment to help you even more.  Remember, the energy your put out represents the results that will actually come into your life.  It’s the Law of Attraction.

Ingrid Moore

Ingrid Moore is the Founder and CEO of Corporate Resources of Illinois, an employment & staffing agency with over 20+years’ experience located in Schaumburg, IL. Ingrid and her team assist employers with finding the right hire for their business. For more info, follow us on our LinkedIn Company Page, or follow us Corporate Resources of Illinois‘s Google+ page.

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