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Big Data & Your Talent Pool

Big Data & Your Talent Pool

Big Data & Your Talent Pool:  How recruiters are using BIG Data to widen their talent pools.

A resume is received in an HR department where it is usually scanned into the HR’s data pool.  Chances are if it’s done online, there are sections that highlight experience, education and special interests.  Imagine all the resumes your business has collected over the years and how much data an organization has.  During the recent lull in the economy, there were most likely an over abundant amount of candidates applying for one position.  And depending on the company’s size, there are potentially thousands of data that employers are sitting on.  What is this important?  Well, the most savvy companies today are using that data when searching for potential employers.
CRI.bdWhat if a company only had to search their data banks to find certain candidates? Imagine if a business didn’t have to post job descriptions on job boards? Take a look at an organization like LinkedIn for example. One of the main reasons why they want professionals to fill out their profiles is so their data increases and in return can be potentially viewed by other recruiters. It’s a sales platform for them in which they use data to grow their business.

That’s great for LinkedIn, but what about you? Well for starters, what do you do with the resume data? It is filed away and forgotten? Do you have an internal process on handling and analyzing this data? Collecting the data is one thing, but being able to interpret it based on your business is what most important!   Wired featured an article last month that talked about how big data is changing recruiting. It takes time and effort but with anything, it can reap large gains down the road. Some companies go as far as having enewsletters communicate with those who have applied for previous positions.  This allows them to stay in constant contact with many future hires.
What types of processes to you to increase your data pool? Does your business have a foot print in the Big Data arena?  What to know morea bout Big Data?  Take a look at these companies and how Big Data is changing their business.

Ingrid Moore

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