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Microsoft & LinkedIn – Now What?

Microsoft & LinkedIn – Now What?

Unless you’ve lived under a rock, the hottest news this month is that Microsoft received regulatory approval for the purchase of LinkedIn for $26 Billion.  Since Microsoft announced its intention to purchase the social network giant, we’ve all waited and speculated what that would mean.  Now, thanks to the regulatory approval and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s recent announcement, the waiting is over.

As per Nadella, “in the immediate term we will pursue a specific set of integration scenarios,” including:

LinkedIn identity and network in Microsoft Outlook and the Office suite

LinkedIn notifications within the Windows action center

Enabling members drafting résumés in Word to update their profiles, and discover and apply to jobs on LinkedIn

Extending the reach of Sponsored Content across Microsoft properties

Enterprise LinkedIn Lookup powered by Active Directory and Office 365

LinkedIn Learning available across the Office 365 and Windows ecosystem

Developing a business news desk across our content ecosystem and

Redefining social selling through the combination of Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365

As we articulated six months ago, our top priority is to accelerate LinkedIn’s growth, by adding value for every LinkedIn member.


From a broad perspective, Nadella speaks about integration and the intent of moving towards an aggressive timeline of six months.  That timeline isn’t too far away.  Although the idea of convenience is alluring, one can’t help but shudder at the idea of window’s updates and all its flaws now being integrated into the world of LinkedIn.  That doesn’t sound like fun.

Still, whether we like it or not, it’s happening.  So what’s that mean for all the countless members, businesses, recruiters and specialty groups?  Get ready to open your wallet.  You can bet with idea’s like updating word resumes to LinkedIn profiles, enhancing the job search and application process, “Sponsored Content across Microsoft properties,” and more, Microsoft will undoubtedly monetize these changes.  How much remains to be seen…

The jury is still out on if Microsoft will positively or negatively impact the LinkedIn user experience.  Our recommendation is to keep diversifying your recruiting efforts and don’t rely too heavily on a system that may cost too much down the road.  Work with industry contacts, associations and even a recruiting partner to accomplish your recruiting goals.  With all the changes coming, it’s important to have several avenues you can turn to for support.

If you’re struggling with some of your recruiting objectives and have concerns about the 2017 year, contact us for a free consultation.

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