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Elevate Your Pitch to Perfection

Elevate Your Pitch to Perfection

What does your personal elevator pitch say about you? Whether you’re already employed, currently looking for work or even an employer interviewing prospects, your pitch could be the life or death of you making the ultimate connection.

going upFor employers, prospective candidates want to know they are in good hands when they meet new employers. Remember, today’s savvy candidate will be interviewing you too. If an employer comes across as hurried, exasperated and sometimes annoyed when they meet potential candidates, it’s a turn off. Perfecting your corporate pitch is equally important for employers who want to entice top candidates.

On the side, it’s even more essential for job seekers to perfect their pitch.  When you’re on an interview, remember…you’re the star of your performance. Your pitch should spotlight you and all the wonderful skills you’ll bring to an organization.

The U.S. News & World Report posted “How to Salvage a Stinky Elevator Pitch,” by Hannah Morgan a couple of years ago and it is still excellent advice on the importance of perfecting your pitch.  In the article, it highlights a snippet of a business advice book, The Mirror Test (2011), penned by Jeffrey Hayzlett, former chief marketing officer at Kodak.  Much like a good book, Hayzlett says you must “hook your listener” in the first eight seconds. The perfect pitch should be under two minutes and should include the following:

• Grab the attention of your prospect.

• Convey who you are.

• Describe what your business offers.

• Explain the promises you will deliver on.

For both employers and job seekers, first impressions are everything.  Practicing and perfecting one’s elevator pitch will enable you to capitalize on exceptional opportunities.  On your next interview, make sure you spotlight the most important part…you!

Corporate Resources offers decades of professional experience helping clients (employers and job seekers) find the right fit.   If you need help elevating your pitch to hook the perfect candidate or position, give us a call.   We can help.

Ingrid Moore

Ingrid Moore is the Founder and CEO of Corporate Resources of Illinois, anemployment & staffing agency with over 20+ years’ experience sourcing top talent for employers. For more information, follow us on our LinkedIn Company Page, or followus Corporate Resources of Illinois‘s Google+page.


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