Secrets that Help Job Seekers Ace Interviews – Part 2

Last month, we posted our Secrets that Help Job Seekers Ace Interviews- Part One where we provided job seekers with invaluable tips on how to research an opportunity, research a company and learn how to show up prepared. This month, we’re focusing on Appropriate Actions and First Impressions tips that are helpful during the interview […]

Secrets that Help Job Seekers Ace Interviews – Part 1

Although interviewing can be a great opportunity for job seekers, it can often make candidates feel uncomfortable. Why is that? We’re not sure, but we wholeheartedly believe that in order to succeed in anything, you must stay positive. Forget about what you learned about interviewing and focus on what you do best…being yourself. Today, we’re […]

Interview Tips: Revealing Weaknesses

Finding out a candidate’s weaknesses is not an easy task when interviewing. Many candidates expect that typical question of What are your weaknesses? That question lacks merit nowadays and frankly, if asked, hiring managers will most likely get the boring answer of, “I’m an overachiever.” In order to get the candor you need—without making the […]

Hot Books and Must-Reads for 2013/2014

With the Holidays upon us and the New Year fast approaching, many people seek a good book for either advice or inspiration.  I wanted to highlight some great books for Job seekers to fill their bookshelves with and get you focused and ready for 2014.   What Color is My Parachute? 2014 edition: A Practical […]

Résumé versus a LinkedIn Profile

One question I get from time to time from applicants is: How detailed should my LinkedIn profile be?  Or Should my resume mirror my LinkedIn profile? Although a resume and LinkedIn profile to some people may seem similar, they are still very different modes of communication.  LinkedIn is an online professional network that has grown […]

Your Résumé…Revamped

As a seasoned employment agency, we’ve seen practically every type of resume a job seeker could create.  Some of these would impress, others would shock and at the very least the vast majority of them would entertain. With the internet impacting our business world at a rapid pace, many job seekers are becoming more creative […]

Negotiating Tips for Employers & Job Seekers

For both employers and employees, negotiating marks the closing steps to finalizing a candidate. In theory, that’s great news.  In actuality it ends up being the dreaded crossing.  Why?  We’re not sure, but if this happens too often in your job search, then it’s time to reapply some basic thinking. Mary Tribby, a Huffington Post […]

10 Effective Probing Interview Questions for Employers to Use

There are a myriad of standard interview questions employers use on a daily basis.  Our recommendation is to use your standard interview questions as a guide and then incorporate others specifically related to the job.  Additionally, we include probing questions that promote insightful and open discussion during the interview process. It’s important to have open and […]

Employers: What you can and can’t say in an interview.

Forbes posted an article not too long ago called 10 things you should never ask in a job interview.  It’s great advice for candidates, but employers have their own guidelines to follow.  These are common sense type questions which frankly, are easily forgotten in todays over communicated and lax society.   It’s been our experience that […]

Elevate Your Pitch to Perfection

What does your personal elevator pitch say about you? Whether you’re already employed, currently looking for work or even an employer interviewing prospects, your pitch could be the life or death of you making the ultimate connection. For employers, prospective candidates want to know they are in good hands when they meet new employers. Remember, […]