The Importance of Positive Self-Talk

Did you know that self-talk creates your self-image which in return can control your real performance?  We’ve been placing some of the best candidates for top companies and know precisely how important positive thinking and talking can impact a career.  If you’re wondering why you haven’t got that certain job or even promotion, you have […]

How to Effectively Work with a Recruiter – Part 2

Last month, we posted an article on How to Effectively Work with a Recruiter – Part 1.  In this two-part series, we discussed the benefits of working with a recruiter and the types of firms there are.  Today, we’re providing job seekers with the several tips on how to how to successfully work with a […]

How to Effectively Work with a Recruiter – Part 1

Did you know that having your resume in the hands of a recruiter is the best passive way to be open to outstanding opportunities in your profession?  If you understand how search firms work, your expectations will be more realistic, and you’ll better understand how to approach them. The work recruiters do can be compared […]

Contacting the Right Person

One of the greatest mistakes job seekers make is to send their resume to individuals or companies who receive hundreds of resumes every week.  These methods put you against the largest numbers of competitors wanting the same job.  And often you will not even hear back from these companies because, quite frankly, they don’t have […]

Outdated Resume Terms That Get You Rejected

How many times have you sent your resume to a prospective employer and never heard so much of a peep from them? If the answer is somewhere along the lines as “I’ve lost count,” then you might want review that resume again—only this time, let’s review it for old resume terms. Some of the biggest […]

Staying Relevant in Your Career

Over the last several years, many job seekers have had to revamp their skills or reinvent their careers in order to land a good job. Some job seekers have even changed fields in order to find gainful employment. For the most part, this could be attributed to the recent recession, but in truth it’s also the […]

Tech Advances in Job Matching

  With Big Data on the rise, employers are diligently collecting, storing and ultimately analyzing their applicant data in order to recruit and hire better. The concept of job matching isn’t a new one, but with the increase of tech innovation, it’s becoming the latest darling in recruiting. A few months ago, Tech Crunch and THE […]

Tips for Hiring Remote Employees

More and more companies are turning to hiring remote employees. There are a multitude of reasons why a company may consider a remote employee, including a specialized hiring need, increased workload or even workforce flexibility. In truth, many times it comes down to the industry trends that warrant hiring remote or telecommuting employees. Whatever the […]

5 Things Recruiters LOVE 

Today so much of the job search advice circulating the web can be negative and depressing. With topics like “Things Recruiters Hate…” or “How to Turn Off a Recruiter…” it can be a little intimidating to candidates. Why is that? Finding a job can be challenging for sure, but it’s not a death march.  Why […]