How to Effectively Work with a Recruiter – Part 1

Did you know that having your resume in the hands of a recruiter is the best passive way to be open to outstanding opportunities in your profession?  If you understand how search firms work, your expectations will be more realistic, and you’ll better understand how to approach them. The work recruiters do can be compared […]

Outdated Resume Terms That Get You Rejected

How many times have you sent your resume to a prospective employer and never heard so much of a peep from them? If the answer is somewhere along the lines as “I’ve lost count,” then you might want review that resume again—only this time, let’s review it for old resume terms. Some of the biggest […]

5 Things Recruiters LOVE 

Today so much of the job search advice circulating the web can be negative and depressing. With topics like “Things Recruiters Hate…” or “How to Turn Off a Recruiter…” it can be a little intimidating to candidates. Why is that? Finding a job can be challenging for sure, but it’s not a death march.  Why […]

Job Seeker Tips to Overcome Objections

Often job seekers forget that the interview process is much like the sales process where a job seeker is their own product, and the employers are the buyers. There are many parts in your interview (sales) process that can help job seekers land a job such as you’re job opportunities’ pipeline, your pitch, and overcoming […]

Hot Job Locations for 2015

In June of this year, IHS Global Insight prepared a U.S. Metro Economies/GMP and Employment 2013-2015 report for The United States Conference of Mayors, The Council on Metro Economies and the New American City (See report and complete findings here). One of the many aspects of that report which we found intriguing was the table featuring […]

The Most Underrated Job Hunt Tool:  Your Professional Network

With the holidays in full swing, sometimes job seekers can get a holiday hangover when applying for jobs. Sending out resumes to random job postings can be cumbersome, monotonous and often resulting in nothing. For those who are tired of blasting their resumes into the online employment abyss to countless unknown names and contacts, I […]

Land a Job in the First Interview?

Can you land a job in the first interview? Is it possible?  Yes, but before a job seeker lands their ideal job, they need to consider several aspects during the hiring process. Before you begin, put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes. Re-read the job description and then carefully take into account the following considerations: […]

Whoa There Job Seeker. Better Check Your Resume.

When was the last time you really scrutinized your resume? I mean objectively reviewed it based on the job you’re seeking? This may be stating the obvious, but a job seeker’s resume is the single most important document when job hunting. It’s you on a piece of paper, and it’s typically the first introduction an […]

4 Ways to Find a Job Without Searching

The statement “The best time to look for a job is when you already have one,” is undeniably true in this day and age.    Since I’m a huge supporter of being prepared and ready for success, I thought I’d provide job seekers with four different ways—both new and old—that can help them find a great […]