Job Skills Employers Want from Millennials

More and more employers are discussing the skills gap trend with Millennials and what to do about it. Last year researchers at Princeton-based Educational Testing Service (ETS) reported that “Millennials may be on track to be our most educated generation ever, but they consistently score below many of their international peers in literacy, numeracy, and […]

The Best Places to be Interviewed Insights

A recent study on candidate interviews revealed, “The Best Places to be Interviewed,” providing some great insight for employers on how creating a positive interview experience can attract better candidates. We’ve discussed many times in previous posts about the importance of creating a lasting, good impression.  It starts with a simple concept: putting people first. […]

Tips on Recruiting the Competition

Finding the right person for a hard-to-fill position can be an ongoing, arduous challenge for companies. The reasons can vary from a poor job market to a high-in-demand position. Whatever the reason, it’s natural for a business to consider their competition’s talent.  Before heading down that path, we recommend hiring managers considering these tips. Start […]

Employee Turnover Trends & Tips to Get them to Stay

In the first quarter of this year, LinkedIn surveyed over 26 thousand members worldwide to learn more about 2016 Global Talent Trends and How Candidates Want to be Recruited. One of the survey takeaways that we wanted to discuss was the trend of increased employee turnover.  Yes, turnover is increasing but not to worry, we’ve […]

Social Media Impacting Today’s Recruiting

As a hiring manager, reviewing a candidate’s social profiles is inevitable.  Depending on your recruiting process, hiring managers may search a candidate’s social profile before a phone interview, before a person-to-person interview, or even before there’s an offer.  Social networks like Facebook have been around for over a decade and according to a recent survey, […]

Lessons from Your Competition

It’s veritable fact that a business can garner substantial intelligence just by researching its competition.  And that statement is even truer within the recruiting industry. When was the last time you closely evaluated at your competition’s hiring habits? Have you ever had your competition steal an employee or even a candidate? Have you done that to […]

Solve Your Biggest Recruitment Hurdles

A recent study was published asking recruiting managers from small, medium and large-sized businesses what their biggest challenges with recruitment.  With more than fifty percent confirming that “Hiring” continues to be a top priority, we wanted to highlight some tips on how to overcome the toughest recruitment hurdles mentioned and achieve your 2016 recruiting objectives. […]

Using your Brand for a Competitive Edge

Some of the hottest brands today have the best images and have great success with recruiting and keeping employees.  Take a look at the Fortune Magazine’s Top 100 Best Places to Work list for instance.  The top ten on the best companies list includes Google, Wegmans, Quicken Loans and Edward Jones—all companies with strong brands that […]

What Employers Need to Know Today about Equal Pay

The subject of equal pay is a hot topic right now. With an election year in full swing, some candidates like Hillary Clinton are using the important topic to gain support for the presidential race. Even the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team are in a heated legal battle with the U.S. Soccer Federation over the problem […]

5 Big Mistakes Hiring Managers Make

In the past we’ve posted a few different articles about hiring mistakes and how to avoid them. Although it’s only March, many employers have begun assessing their hiring progress for the first two months. That’s right.  Like any good business, the smart hiring managers and are quickly adjusting their tactics to get better results. Hiring […]