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Bradshaw Referencing

Getting top employment in Chicago means Bradshaw Referencing. 
 An internally developed, proprietary referencing system that protects clients from fraudulent references.  Bradshaw Referencing ensures that we match our clients with an applicant who has received more than a standard background check.  We thoroughly inspect the credentials of all our candidates and use proven methods to effectively screen misleading or fraudulent applicants.  Thousands of satisfied clients have experienced the benefits of Corporate Resources’ industry-leading screening process.

Our Proprietary Referencing System

Years ago, we had an incident with an applicant with the last name of “Bradshaw”.  This applicant persuaded friends to pose as former employers, so when anyone called for a reference they spoke to people paid to pose as former bosses, not the actual V.P.’s the applicant claimed to work for. “Bradshaw” also paid a receptionist from a former company to verify titles of individuals falsely claiming to work for the company.  We have implemented companywide training, coaching, and re-vamped our processes for checking references, establishing new guidelines to eliminate risk to our clients.  The process may be more time intensive, but it saves our client companies from hiring someone with fraudulent references.  Our proprietary method, our client’s investment protected.

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