Corporate Resources of Illinois

Exceeds Client Expectations 

Frequently Asked Questions


They are truly an employment match maker!  The process was so smooth and quick.  I would recommend Corporate Resources to anyone who is seeking employment . . . (more)


I have worked with comparable organizations for over 25 years and can say the customer service I receive from Corporate Resources surpasses all my previous experiences . . . (more)


In dealing with Corporate Resources, I found the rare opportunity to work with a company that puts 110 percent into what they do . . . (more)


Corporate Resources is an outstanding agency that goes above and beyond, focusing on finding a good match, not just filling a position . . . (more)


Corporate Resources always provides our company with quality candidates, which can be difficult in this marketplace.  They have excellent follow-up skills and are always pleasant to work with . . . (more)


I have been completely satisfied with the personnel and would recommend to anyone to use Corporate Resources . . . (more)


I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your time and effort in helping me find a job.  I really appreciate all that you did and it felt great to know there was someone there to help . . . (more)


We have been very impressed with the quality of both permanent and temporary candidates that have been presented to us over the years.  We look forward to working with you in the future . . . (more)


Their years of experience and knowledge are critical to my success.  I’d recommend working with Corporate Resources if you’re looking for a career change or seeking employment . . . (more)


As much as I love using them (Corporate Resources), there is a negative.  Every time they send a temp, suddenly my Managers/V.P.s want me to find room somewhere to hire the applicant . . . (more)


I have told my Recruiter at Corporate Resources/C.R. Temporaries to stop sending such good temporary people as I don’t have any openings to fill.  I want to hire them all . . . (more)


Corporate Resources and their sister company C.R. Temporaries really understand their clients’ needs and find perfectly-suited applicants each time I use them . . . (more)


Corporate Resources and C.R. Temporaries is without question the most customer-service, quality-focused agency our company has ever used . . . (more)


UNBELIEVABLE service, quality, results – it’s a true partnership with our HR department . . . (more)


No one can match the performance standards of Corporate Resources and C.R. Temporaries.  Other agencies that were used before cannot compare . . . (more)


I can’t imagine going back to those national firms as we just didn’t feel as taken care of or like we were first in priority . . . (more)