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Corporate Resources has been a blessing to me and my move to the Chicago area.  After five months of searching and becoming frustrated, I received a call from Corporate Resources and we set up a meeting.  Several days after settling down and talking with one of their consultants about what I was looking for, I received a call of a possible opportunity.  Within two weeks of my visit, they had me scheduled with a wonderful company.  Needless to say, the interview went well, an offer was extended, and I accepted!  They are truly an employment matchmaker!  The process was so smooth and quick.  I would recommend Corporate Resources to anyone who is seeking employment.
-P. Spencer

Corporate Resources is an outstanding agency that goes above and beyond, focusing on finding a good match, not just filling a position.  While having worked with other employment agencies in the past, I honestly thought Corporate Resources would be similar to my previous experiences, i.e., a person who views their job as just a job and does not impart any genuine customer service.  I was wrong.  Consultants at Corporate Resources have applicants interest at heart and they don’t treat us like just another number.  They provide constant updates and always have a very positive upbeat attitude.  I would recommend Corporate Resources for any company looking to hire the right candidate and/or any candidate needing assistance in their job search.
-T. Perry

I have been to many agencies, the difference between Corporate Resources and the others can be summed up in one word, “experts”.  Offices are professional, administrative staff is friendly and the Recruiter was very thorough in my interview.  She also gave me advice that made me understand things better from an employer’s perspective.  This advice I will carry with me and be able to utilize in my new job.  If I am ever unemployed again, my first and only call will be to Corporate Resources.
- Paul K.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your time and effort in helping me find a job.  I really appreciate all that you did and it felt great to know there was someone there to help.  Thanks again and take care.
- L. Rundell

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