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I had a very bad taste in my mouth about personnel agencies.  I had a couple of bad experiences with more than one agency. CRT was different and they said they could prove it.  Reluctantly, I agreed knowing that one bad experience would terminate the relationship.  A year and a half later, I can’t count on two hands how many people Corporate Resources has brought into our organization.  While my company is an excellent one to work for, it would have been impossible to hire the number of people required for our additional business within the time constraints we were working under.  I felt that Corporate Resources realized very quickly the caliber of people we were looking for and we rarely turned away a candidate that they set up for us.  Corporate Resources’ professionalism didn’t stop at the hiring.  Any problems we encountered after a hire was dealt with diplomatically.  They have been wonderful to work with and I have recommended them to others within and outside my company.

I feel it’s important to notice those who work hard at representing our companies in a very positive way.  I haven’t worked with another agency since I started working with Corporate Resources, although I am continuously contacted by the competition.

– A. Reid
Customer Service Manager

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