The Power of Testimonials 

What makes a great recruiter?  A professional that goes above and beyond what’s needed to recruit top talent.  Since day one, we’ve been helping clients reach their hiring goals.  In return, those clients have shown their gratitude with repeat business and wonderful testimonials. Learn more.

Corporate Resources of Illinois has worked with thousands of satisfied and now repeat clients over the past 20 years. We don’t entangle our clients in multi-layered contracts; we believe contracts protect the employment agency and not the client, they can leave the client without an alternative if the staffing agency fails to provide the talent needed.  We hold ourselves accountable on each job opening, earning client loyalty with each piece of business, every time.  Corporate Resources is committed to assisting your business with finding the right, talented individuals. We also place individuals within long term or temp to perm positions.

Find out how Corporate Resources of Illinois and C.R. Temporaries can help you.

Bradshaw Referencing is an internally developed, proprietary referencing system that protects clients from fraudulent references.  It ensures that we match our clients with an applicant who has received more than a standard background check.  We thoroughly inspect the credentials of all our candidates and use proven methods to effectively screen misleading or fraudulent applicants.  Thousands of satisfied clients have experienced the benefits of Corporate Resources’ industry-leading screening process.

Not all job agencies are are alike. Take the time to find out how our job agency works and gets the job done for you.  Please take a moment to ask us a confidential question about hiring or finding employment.  Our team of experts will contact you in a timely fashion. We look forward to hearing from you soon regarding your specific job or hiring related questions.

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